We value quality products, great service and presenting CBD for what it is- a plant based cannabinoid that has unlimited potential as an everyday health supplement.

CBD: Healthy, Effective, Relief

Known for its capacity to deliver many mental and physical benefits.


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Full Spectrum 300mg CBD Oil

Full Spectrum 300mg CBD Tincture

-Lowest mg per bottle ratio -Easy serving pipette top in order to get a consistent, measurable serving. -Measured into 2.5mg, 5mg, or 10mg CBD servings. -Two ingredients: MCT oil and
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Premium DREAM CBD Vape Cartridge

Premium DREAM CBD Vape Cartridge

-Premium Grade Dream Cartridges -Organic Food Grade Terpenes -Ceramic, CCell, 510 thread - Three unique terpene blends 'Banana', 'Blue Cheese.' 'SFV' - Our vape cartridges are intended for the consumer
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