How to choose the right strength CBD? How many mg of CBD should I start with?

New to CBD? First time using CBD? What size serving should I start with? What happens if I take too much CBD? How do I choose the right CBD product? These are common CBD questions we are often asked when customers are new to CBD and struggle to find a starting point. It can be overwhelming at first choosing the right CBD product and the right strength to start with! The great thing about CBD and other cannabinoids is that it is non toxic and there have never been any fatal cases reported from taking CBD. That does not mean you should chug an entire bottle! It means you can rest assured that it is a safe product and you are free to start low and find the right serving size that works best for your body and goals you are working to achieve by using CBD.


Let's get started with choosing the right serving size of CBD for you. I always recommend to customers new to CBD to try out our Level 1 300mg Distilled tincture. I will list the reasons below why I recommend starting with our Level 1 Distilled tincture.

1. It is a low potency tincture perfect for anyone new to CBD.

2. Lower cost then starting with a higher potency tincture.

3. Easy to experiment with to find what serving size works for you. 1 dropper equals 10mg of CBD which we recommend starting with and working your way up until you find the right amount of CBD works for you.

Example: 1 dropper = 10mg, 2 dropper = 20mg, and 3 dropper = 30mg


Next, what happens if I take too much CBD? Some people dive right into the CBD world and take more CBD than they need to begin with, it is always a good idea to start low and work your way up. Taking too much CBD could cause dizziness, mild stomach ache, sleepiness, or exactly what you are looking to get from using CBD! Taking too much CBD could simply be a waste of your money because you could receive the same level of benefits from using a much lower serving size, again this is why it is smart to start low and work your way up. 


Choosing the right CBD product can be difficult at first, but it doesn't have to be. It is our goal to make it at easy as possible for our customers to choose the right product for their needs. We have a range of products including two strengths of tinctures that are made with 99% Pure CBD Isolate that has zero THC and are high in CBD content ranging from 1500mg CBD to 3000mg CBD. Those products can be found here 1500mg ISO Tincture and 3000mg ISO Tincture. 

We also have a family of products that are unique to our brand and contain a rare blend of RAW CBDa and CBD plus minor cannabinoids with a low THC content of less than .1%. We have a lot of customers who find our CBDa line to be extremely beneficial when compared to standard CBD products which go through a heating process known as decarboxylation. It is not easy making a CBDa tincture because heat is used in a lot of extraction processes, so creating a CBDa product requires proprietary extraction processes and less refinement which gives CBDa a much plantier taste. The taste of our CBDa is too much for some customers where others really enjoy the natural potent taste naturally from the plant. We make our CBDa line in four 'LEVELs' or strengths which vary from Level 1 300mg (10mg Dropper), Level 2 600mg (20mg Dropper), Level 3 900mg (30mg Dropper), and Level 4 1500mg (50mg Dropper)


Our unique 'LEVELs' system we have created was designed to make it easier for customers to choose the right CBD product for their needs. It is always a good idea for first time CBD users to start with a Level 1 product and then make a decision based on the number of droppers used in a day (1 dropper = 10mg with our Level 1). If you find yourself using 3 droppers of our Level 1 tincture per day then it would be a good idea to purchase our Level 3 (1 dropper = 3 droppers of Level 1). 

When choosing the right CBD product we have two products that are exclusive to our brand. These two products have a proprietary blend of Full Spectrum CBD and steam distilled terpenes. This blend is a proprietary formula that you will not find in any other CBD product in the world! The first of these two blends is a product I find myself using most often out of all of our products, the 1500mg CALM TinctureThis product was formulated with a blend of terpenes that have been studied for their calming effects very similar to the way essential oils work. Our proprietary blend of terpenes also gives our CALM formula a very unique flavor which I find to be fruity and similar to the smell of fruit loops. Our second of our two terpene enhanced products was formulated to help aid in reducing inflammation. Our 1500mg RECOVERY Tincture is made with a proprietary blend of steam distilled terpenes studied for their anti-inflammatory benefits. This is a great product which we recommend using alongside our RECOVERY Topical which is made to be applied to skin and has a number of awesome natural ingredients and utilizes an awesome base which is Parabens Free! Our terpene enhanced products are recommended for customers who are experienced CBD users looking to try a product rich in hemp CBD and who understands the power of terpenes. 


Choosing the right CBD products does not have to be hard and it is always a good idea to purchase products that have been lab tested by a 3rd party licensed laboratory. We test all of our products at The Spot Labs in Portage, Michigan which is ISO Accredited and licensed with the state of Michigan to test for cannabinoids. You can find our most recent lab reports by clicking here. It is also important to start low and work your way up to find which serving size works best for you. And remember, don't panic! CBD from a trusted source will be natural and safe. If you have anymore questions reach out to us and we will help you in choosing the right CBD products at


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