What is CBN? What is CBN used for? CBN (Cannabinol)

CBN (Cannabinol) could potentially be the 'Golden Cannabinoid' for sleep and anxiety. Most people who have used CBN would compare it to a natural version of popular anxiety medications such as Xanax, however I do not like putting them in the same category as they are much different compounds. CBN could be described as calming, sedative, and mildly psychoactive (with all cannabinoids effects can vary from one person to another). CBN should not be compared to CBD and first time users should be cautious with serving sizes while starting out. 


What is CBN used for?

CBN is one of over 100 cannabinoid compounds naturally found in hemp. CBN has been studied for a number of benefits such as Neuroprotectant, Appetite Stimulant, Glaucoma, Anti-Inflammatory, and Antibacterial. Although CBN has not been studied for anxiety we have personally been working with customers locally since the end of 2019 and we found the most common feedback to be calming and sedative. Our feedback also included longer and deeper sleep, which I personally experienced in serving sizes of 5mg and up. I found CBN to work really well during the day at serving sizes of 1mg to 2.5mg, which helped relieve my stress while actually giving me a boost of energy (my personal experience). I also found that CBN was not sedating what so ever in lower serving sizes but when I reached 5mg or more of CBN it gave me a sense of euphoria and sedation which led to a much deeper sleep. This is my personal experience with CBN which I could feel working much stronger than CBD for my anxiousness and sleep. 

CBN is used for sleep

CBN is used for calming benefits

CBN has been studied as a Neuroprotectant

CBN has been studied for Appetite Stimulation 

CBN has been studied for Glaucoma 

CBN has been studied for Anti-Inflammatory benefits


Our CBN + CBD Tincture (150mg CBN and 300mg CBD)

Our newest product in the Be Phenomenal Wellness Company family of hemp based tinctures, and the product we are most excited about! Our CBN is an isolate meaning it is the purest form of CBN available and the best form of CBN available due to having zero impurities (99.5% Pure). We are proud to offer such a pure product and we are excited to finally be able to offer this product at a great price point. Our CBN tincture could range from 30 to 240 servings and we recommend starting with a very small amount ranging from 1/8 of a dropper to a 1/2 dropper. After trying a small serving size and discovering how CBN will affect you after waiting 2-3 hours or an entire day, then you could try a slightly higher serving size. It may also be a good idea trying CBN an hour or two before bed time as it may make you tired, and it could make it more challenging to wake up if you take too much like I mistakingly did 1 (Max). We also added 300mg of our 99+% Pure CBD isolate to this tincture so that the CBN and CBD could work together to give our tincture a synergistic effect of between the two cannabinoids. Below I will break down how much CBD and CBN are in each dropper.

1 Dropper (1ml) = 10mg CBD and 5mg CBN

3/4 Dropper (.75ml) = 7.5mg CBD and 3.75mg CBN

1/2 Dropper (.5ml) = 5mg CBD and 2.5mg CBN

1/4 Dropper (.25ml) = 2.5mg CBD and 1.25mg CBN

1/8 Dropper (.125ml) = 1.25mg CBD and .625mg CBN


My personal experience with CBN and how it affected me (Max)

I have always been interested in finding ways to hack the way I feel and make myself healthier, happier, creative, and feel better! It has been an obsession of mine my entire adult life and is one of the reason I started Be Phenomenal Wellness Company. When I first started hearing about CBN in 2019 I knew I had to try it. It was very hard to find and the people that made it never seemed to have the product in stock, or they wanted an absurd amount for a sample. So I decided to go down the path of hiring a chemistry consultant and attempt to make it, I quickly found out that CBN was much different than CBD and accepted that this was not an extract we would make in house due to the complexity of the production process. I searched and searched for the right processing company to work with and found a trustworthy company who offered samples they were willing to send out. After receiving samples that had been through lab testing I made up a strong tincture and gave it a go :). I quickly found out that CBN was a much more potent relaxant than CBD and that a much smaller serving size was needed! As with all our products we offer, I take a higher serving size then what I feel any customer would ever use! With CBN this was much different then me taking 500mg of CBD. After taking 20mg of CBN I felt sedated and slightly dizzy, I had to lay down on the couch in my office and take a nap for a few hours in all honesty! That was my first experience and we did not start making CBN products right away because CBN was still very very expensive and I did not want to offer this product for an absurd price that nobody could afford. So we kept looking for different suppliers making CBN and after about 6 months we found a company that had been working on minor cannabinoids (CBN, Delta-8, THCv, etc.) for a years and had perfected the production process of CBN. They offered us CBN for a fair price and after going through verified lab testing it was verified that the CBN was of the highest potency and quality that we had seen since we first started looking into CBN (99.5% Pure!). We ordered our first batch of this high quality CBN and here we are, our first CBN product and we could not be prouder to offer it to you guys! My experience with our CBN we are making now has been great, granted I have not gone over 5mg in a day which I would recommend not doing. I gave 5mg to Hannah of our new tincture and she slept for 12 hours that night! Well that wraps it up and I hope you guys enjoy our new tincture as much as we do! 


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