People use CBD for a number of different reasons, I am going to tell you the top 5 reasons people use CBD. I will start by telling you why I use CBD. I have struggled with anxiousness my entire life, anyone who knows me will tell you that! The main reason I use CBD is to calm my mind and dull the mental chatter. The product I have found myself to keep coming back to and my personal favorite by far is the Distilled Calm 1500mg Tincture! I use this tincture because it has a full spectrum CBD profile and a specially formulated blend of steam distilled terpenes designed to have a calming effect much like aromatherapy would. Enough about that lets get back to the 5 reasons people use CBD!

So far we have covered 1 reason people use CBD which happens to be why I use CBD.

1. Using CBD to calm mental chatter and anxiousness. (Reason I use CBD)

Using CBD for to calm my mind


The second out of the 5 reasons people use CBD is on the other side of the spectrum... an entirely different reason to use CBD but very common. A large majority of people use CBD as an addition to their line up of daily health products or supplements. This is a great reason to use CBD simply because it can enhance well being by interacting with the ECS (Endo Cannabinoid System). I personally find that using CBD with my NooTropic supplement and morning caffeine gives my day a kick start in the right direction! People who are using CBD as an additive to their daily supplements typically go with a more affordable, lower serving size bottle like the 600mg Distilled Tincture or the 1500mg ISO 99% Pure CBD Tincture
2. People use CBD to add to their daily supplements.


This brings us to the third reason why people use CBD, which ties in with the first reason why people use CBD and another reason that will be listed later. People use CBD for a better nights sleep, which I always tell first time customers that for most people CBD will NOT make them sleepy like a traditional sleep supplement like melatonin. The reason why people use CBD to help assist in a better nights sleep is because typically there is a reason why people are not sleeping through the night. CBD helps some people with sleeping through the night not because CBD induces sleep but rather because it can help calm the mind and reduce aches for a lot of people, which assists in staying asleep. Personally I like taking my CBD tincture in the morning and mid day because it calms my mind while making me more focused and jazzy to enjoy the day. I find that when I take my CBD at night I end up wanting to get on my computer and write a blog like this and socialize with people! 
3. People use CBD to help assist in a better nights rest.
CBD for sleep
The next reason why people use CBD is also very common especially among the people who's job can be hard on the body, the gym warriors with sore muscles, and people who are flat out hurting. The fourth most common reason people use CBD is for the aches and pains that life throws at us at one time or another. For me this is all too common because I always seem to be hurting myself in one way or another being a very active person with tons of projects from construction, to planting hemp, working out, and helping my mom with various projects around the farm! I personally cannot take traditional pain treatments for reasons I won't get into in this blog, but in short I haven't had good experiences in my past and know to many people who have been negatively impacted by 'traditional' solutions. That is why I put so much time and resources into creating our two most popular products the Recovery Topical Cream & 1500mg Recovery Tincture  both of which I am extremely passionate about because of the connection I have with purpose of these products. I feel that each person that uses one of these two products and benefit from them is one less person that could have a bad experience and be negatively impacted by the 'traditional' solutions I mentioned above. Making a product that could potentially make someones life or even a single day better or more enjoyable for them is the most awesome reward I could ever have in this business.
4. People use CBD for recovery and everyday aches.
CBD for recovery
I could write a book on all the reasons people use CBD products but I don't want to bore you guys so I will end it with number 5 reason people use CBD! This last reason might make you laugh but I had to include it, this one is from my older brother who is the most up beat person you'll ever meet...wish it would rub off on me some more! Reason number 5 of why people use CBD is to lift their mood a few notches, which is odd because I just mentioned my brother is already the most up beat person you'll meet, however he uses the 1500mg Distilled Tincture to take his mood to a level where he actually gets on my nerves and is completely unnecessary. Although CBD does not give people a high, it does make my brother so giddy that a 30 minute car ride to Grand Rapids will leave you with your stomach hurting from laughing so hard. He absolutely does not need to use the extra strength level 4 tincture but he insists on buying one of the strongest one we make! I could only hope that CBD makes 1 in 10 peoples mood as uplifted as it does for my brother. 
5. People use CBD to boost their mood.
CBD for uplifted mood
To wrap things up their is tons of reasons people use CBD and an important thing to remember is everyone is different and I wouldn't ever tell anyone that CBD will do this or that for them, I am just telling you guys and gals the most common reasons people love CBD, based on personally talking to a lot of people who support and use our brand of products. If you use CBD, I would love to hear why you use it and what it does for you! As a thank you for reading and making it through this blog I am going to leave you with a little nugget at the end. Take 25% off your entire next order with us using discount code: GIDDYUP at checkout. 
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