Will I pass a drug test?

Consumers need to be fully informed of the specific regulations posed by their employers and adjust their consumption of cannabinoid products accordingly.

It’s a new world from just 20 years ago where Marijuana and Hemp were thought of as one in the same. People using CBD products with employers that randomly drug test, can be a gamble you are not aware of. Our team at Be Phenomenal Wellness Company has had a hard time finding information on why some people are failing drug tests when using CBD products when most of the articles online state that a user would have to take anywhere from 1,000mg – 2,000mg + per day of CBD for products under the legal .3% THC level to show up on a THC drug test (Equal to taking 1 entire bottle of 1000mg CBD tincture or more every day). 

The information we came up with is from reading articles from various Drug Testing Labs and we put the math into easy to understand information for people using CBD to understand and make a choice based on the information we’ve gathered. Variable factors that we cannot calculate for are Bioavailability (how much of the CBD oil is actually absorbed), DNA of person using the product, and exact percentages of each of the CBD product being used and the brand of CBD product being used. We are going to run the numbers for our example off a standard tincture bottle of 1,000mg CBD with .01% THC content by volume (30x less than allowed maximum limit for THC in hemp products). 

Volume of tincture= 30ml MCT Coconut Oil & CBD Hemp Oil 
Mass of 30ml tincture= 25.94 Grams or 25,940 Milligrams (mg) 
.01% THC content of 25,940 = .00259mg 
.00259mg = 2,590ng 

Let’s say your body takes in 15% which is roughly the average bioavailability of tinctures. 

15% of 2,590ng = 388.5ng
388.5ng/30 servings = 13ng THC/serving 
Lab drug testing cut off for THC is 20-50ng/ml of sample (can vary regularly, also lab to lab)   

Our research shows that a Full Spectrum CBD Oil works better than a single CBD isolate for a broader range of health benefits. 

Our mission at BE PHENOMENAL WELLNESS COMPANY is to help people feel phenomenal with natural plant based alternatives to traditional chemical & synthetic formulations. We have big goals to help 1 million people with a broad spectrum of symptoms. 

*These are not scientific facts and I am not a scientist, I am just gathering numbers & information for concerned people who are worried if CBD products will show up in a drug screen. With many factors for if it will or will not show up in a THC test we recommend talking to your employer to let them know you are using a legal hemp based product. 


Want to know more about CBD? Contact us at info@BePhenomenalCBD.com

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