Distilled RECOVERY 1500mg Terpene Enhanced

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Be Phenomenal Wellness Co. 1500mg Full Spectrum CBD RECOVERY formula is a part of our new collection of products utilizing natures finest ingredients, proudly grown and manufactured in the US. Starting with Hemp CBD biomass that is then extracted for the cannabinoids and other beneficial compounds before undergoing rigorous filtration steps with the final step of the Distilled oil being Fractional Distillation which targets key compounds in hemp through heat and vacuum pressure to acheive a pure oil containing on average 75% Cannabinoids. Our terpenes for our RECOVERY formula are produced through steam distillation of organic compounds including fruit, and plants. We take these ingredients from nature to formulate our blend of Terpenes and Full Spectrum CBD to bring you a product that not only has an amazing flavor/smell profile but has a powerful blend of cannabinoids in a ratio we feel suits the regular CBD user phenomenally. 

Our 1500mg RECOVERY formula contains: Distilled Full Spectrum CBD hemp oil, Steam Distilled Plant Terpenes (Para Cymene, Humulene, Terpineol, and Terpinolene), Natural Plant Terpenes, and Olive Oil (Carrier Oil).

1500mg CBD per 30ml Bottle

50mg CBD per 1ml dropper

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