Turmeric Plus BioPerine®

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Turmeric, long recognized for its medicinal properties is a plant in the Ginger family. The active medicinal compounds in Turmeric are called "Curcuminoids" our premium grade Turmeric contains 50mg of Curcuminoids per vegetable capsule. Turmeric alone does not have associated health benefits due to its low absorption rate however when enhanced with BioPerine® the bioavailability (absorption) is increased by up to 2000%. Turmeric plus BioPerine® has a number of health benefits, the main benefit aiding in management of oxidative and inflammation conditions which includes chronic pain, redness, swelling, stiffness and damage to normal tissues. This makes Turmeric plus BioPerine® a great candidate to aid in managment of exercise induced inflammation, muscle soreness, enhanced recovery, Arthritis, and pain. Turmeric plus BioPerine® may be a great natural alternative to traditional pain medicine and is recognized by the FDA as being "Generally Recognized As Safe".
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