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"Be Phenomenal is Truly Committed to Helping its Customers"

Here at Be Phenomenal, we do things different. Our Goal here is to help at least 1 Million People by the End of 2018! The purpose for creating Be Phenomenal CBD Wellness Co. is to promote a natural plant that actually Helps People in Different Circumstances. Our vision is to keep things simple and always have effective and quality products.

Be Phenomenal Wellness Company is a small family-owned and ran CBD Supplement company. The foundation of our company is Quality products, Great Service and presenting CBD for what it is, a plant based Cannabinoid that has unlimited potential as an everyday health supplement. 

Allow us to Guide you the Way to Be Phenomenal.  

100% Money Back Guarantee 

We want to ensure that you can Be Phenomenal and spread the word. Our way of doing business creates loyal customers. We will take back unopened product that hasn't sold within 30 days of receving the order. Both sides can be happy and this way we can build trust with our customers.


Our sourced CBD comes from one of the only US companies that conforms with Section 7606 of the Farm Bill. A chromatography technique is used for complete removal of the naturally reoccurring THC oils. We ensure quality on every order we fulfill. We hope you will choose us as your trusted source.


Our staff is always willing to help with information and questions that you have. We know you will give us feedback to keep you happy and always bring the most Phenomenal products to the consumers. Give us a call or send us an email anytime and we will be sure to answer within 24 hour