1. 3rd Party Lab Tested 'For Every New Batch'

Building trust in a new product or company takes time, why experiment with your money, health and time when we will provide you evidence of our Quality. We understand that not everyone cares about the customers using there products, as much as the rewards for selling there products. We dont want you to try our product just one time, we want you to fall in love with our product! This is why we lab test every batch we of CBD oil that we produce for every CBD product that we have. We not only test through one lab we test through multiple labs to be sure that we are getting accurate results and consistent products, rest assured we have you covered.

2. USA Grown Hemp

We will only support USA Grown Hemp with very particular growing practices. The hemp plant is an accumulator, meaning it up takes everything from within its enviroment including air pollution, chemicals, radiation, nutrients, and toxins. This is an important reason we only source our hemp from US soil along, another important reason we source our hemp from US farmers is because it allows us to over see our crop to assure that the practices of growing meet our standards.

3. Plant Based

Plants are the magic ingredient behind every one of our products. We use only ingredients that we believe are beneficial to our formulations, when it comes to Quality, we spare no expense. Nature has created everything our bodies need, we as humans extract and formulate these ingredients to make them better. At Be Phenomenal Wellness Company we will continue to expand our offerings of herbal products that our team believes in. Our goal is to have a solution for all of the body and minds ailments using only herbal products, for anything from Infalmmation, Depression, Pain, Migraines, Anxiety, Muscle Recovery, Energy, Brain Enhancement, and much more. With plants the possibilites are endless!

4. Service

We pride ourselves on having great service to our customers and retailers. We have a different kind of customer service, you will be talking to an actual human! Something that is rare when calling many companies these days, and if we are busy we will contact you back within 24-48 hours to assure that you have all questions answered, and we will quickly fix any problems or concerns you might have. We are family company and we want you to be a part of it.

5. Affordable

Finding a product that works great is step one to herbal wellness products, the next hurdle is finding a great product that is affordable to use for an everyday supplement. At Be Phenomenal Wellness Company our goal is to make the very best product and keep our prices as low as possible while still being able to keep our company growing and new products being released. As our company continues to grow we will continue to gain new processes in which we will be able to lower our prices and continue to raise the bar on premium quality and consistnecy.

6. Targeted Relief

With CBD being our Signature product line, we understand customers are looking for relief from a number of different ailments. We want to offer effective solutions for each ailment, a great example being 'Inflammation' which we can offer a number of different products including an advanced Pain Cream, CBD tinctures, CBD pills, and Turmeric BioPerine. As we continue to expand our offerings we will be able to offer more and more products and packages that work great for each specific ailment. This is exciting for us because sometimes it takes a combination of herbal products to maximize relief which is our #1 Goal.  

7. Fast Shipping

Lets face it, we don't want to wait for our food to cook let alone wait for a life changing product. At Be Phenomenal Wellness Company we aim to 'Wow' our customers, this is why we have focused alot of attention on our daily process's throughout our facility. We have created unique process's that allow us to have orders ready within a few minutes of recieving, have orders shipped out twice daily, Shipping within the US is always fast and always free!

8. You are Family

We are a family owned company, and we want you to have a family feel experience with us, we can't stand when calling a company sitting on the line with a robot for 20 minutes. We will help in anyway we can and we will continue to expand our customer service as we continue to grow. Be Phenomenal started as way of helping people and we will turn it into a complete lifestyle, motivating people to continue to work on there health, body, and mind.  

9. Premium Quality

We are committed to offering the highest quality CBD and herbal wellness products. Making a quality product is more than just whats inside the product, more than how your manufacturering, more than your daily process's, more than the people creating the products, more than caring about your consumers, more than the ingredients, it is every one of these things combined. We are honest with our labeling and truely care about the quality and ingredients of our products.

10. Mission Driven

We chose 'Be Phenomenal Wellness Company' as a statement to our customers and ourselves. Its a reminder that everyday we have to strive to be the best version of ourselves that we can be. Its a statement thats says a million different postive things, if we all strive to Be Phenomenal, we can make this world a more positive, more healthy, and more enjoyable play to be.  

11. We go the extra mile for you!