What products do we recommend?

We currently carry two products: Full Spectrum Tinctures and CBD Vape Cartridges. Our tinctures are used sublingually and can be placed under the tongue, tinctures are used to achieve higher servings of CBD. We currently carry 300, 600, 900, and 1500 milligram bottles of CBD. We recommend starting with a 300 milligram bottle, but if you want more information on where to start read this guide here.

We also carry 6 different flavors of Vape Cartridges. Each flavor has a unique Terpene Profile that produces a different flavor and effect. Each Vape Cartridge contains 250mg of CBD and the Purity Vape Cartridge contains 300mg of CBD for the Extra Kick. Vape Cartridges are used for instant relief and contain two ingredients: Full Spectrum CBD Oil and Organic Food Grade Terpenes. Each Vape Cartridge has a different flavor (Terpene Profile). Check them out! Banana, Blue Cheese, SFV, Clementine, and Durban.

Want to know more about CBD? Try reading through our guide.