What is the right amount of CBD? How much CBD should I use?

You should always consult your doctor as a primary source for serving size. CBD serving size is often based on one's weight and severity of the ailment. We recommend starting at a 10mg servings one or two times per day. Our 300mg Full Spectrum Tinctures contain 30 days of a 10mg serving. On each of our tincture products, we have images of how much you are serving with the pipette.

If you are using a vape cartridge, we estimate that each hit is about 2-4mg of CBD. You may need to take several hits depending on your symptoms. Vaping CBD allows the CBD to go into your bloodstream faster so your alleviations will be instant. If you notice that your symptoms aren't being alleviated, it may be best to raise your serving size or speak with a doctor.


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