Staying Strong Amidst The 2020 Circumstances

Dear Be Phenomenal Family,

This year has been tough on all of us, we have all been impacted by this year. I have struggled to promote my message because I would be a fraud if I said I felt optomistic about the world and the future throughout this year. The past few weeks I have really sat back and reflected on the purpose of my life and why I am struggling to find my light. I realized that although the world may be appearing to be falling apart at times, I have alot to be grateful for and I believe that we all can find things to be grateful for. I have never been the person that has my life perfectly together and would never want it to apear that way, I am human and I have many flaws, but I have never been the type of person that could watch another person struggle and not try to do something to help them. I know there are a lot of people struggling with depression/anxiety, and I wanted to share somethings that have helped me lately. If one persons day is made better because of this then it will have been worth the time put into it. 


1. When the first signs of Covid-19 started appearing in China and then the first US case hit I thankfully was relatively prepared and had toilet paper and non perishables stocked up for a few months supply. Although I was prepared with food and supplies, I was in no way prepared for the year we were about to have in our country. I decided I was going to keep myself very busy with personal and business projects to avoid moments of boredom and thinking way to much about everything going on... This sounded like a great plan except my personal development and other daily habits that keep me grounded got neglected. This really caught up with me around September thru November, I am really just starting to switch my focus back to my life rather than everything external.

Solution For Me: Switch the majority of my focus back to working on the internal, the small majority of things going on in my life that I can control. I was so worried with every event going on in the country and world (this is not something I typically focused on in the past, and for good reasons). I personally found that the less I gave all the negativity my attention, the less it effected me, pretty basic stuff I know... but we all get caught up in it and before long were drowning in a pool of negativity.  


2. Throughout the year I noticed that I was starting to struggle really bad with ANXIETY again and it creeped up more and more as the year progressed. For me personally this was a combination of focusing on the wrong things, lack of time with family and friends, daily habits, and lacking on my supplements and diet. It is much easier to lose all the progress that we work hard towards than it is to gain it all back, keeping strong daily habits is essential to good mental and physical health. 

Solution: Intense Breathing Exercises, this has worked wonders for me to stop the anxiety dead in its tracks and there is a science behind how it works. It might seem a little crazy at first but give it a try with an open mind! 


3. I am the type of person who strives when I am moving forward, pushing toward my next goal, my next task, or dream! At times during the year I started to lose faith in certain aspects and lose sight of my goals and dreams for life, when this happened I started to question what my purpose is and spiral down from there. I believe we all have to be constantly moving toward a goal that is exciting to chase and think visualize along the journey, it makes life feel alive!

Solution: Keep a list of daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly GOALS. Let them be a light to keep pushing forward and getting better each day.


We all have different things that we know we have to do in order for us to stay on track and no matter who the person is, everyone has struggles! It is refreshing to remind myself of this especially when I let myself get into a bad place mentally, when everything seems to be raining on me at once because I have neglected the foundation and habits that would otherwise prevent me from getting in that dark place. I am sharing all of this with you because I know there are a lot of people that are struggling out there, I know that I have been struggling a lot this year and I am still struggling each day, but I am not going to let the circumstances of this year hold me down or make me quit. If this year has taught me anything it is that I need to be more grateful, spend more time with family and friends, not dwell on yesterdays failures, keep my future dream alive but live for today, and focus on myself internally rather than letting the external factors of life control mine. 

I want anyone reading this to know that I appreciate you taking the time to read this, and if you want to reach out to me directly, email me at 


I will leave you guys with a couple names of people who may be very helpful in finding techniques to grow and solve personal obstacles we all deal with at one point or another. 

I hope you gain as much from these people below as I have!

1. Tom Bilyeu & Joe Dispenza (Both have great stories building up from rock bottom, Joe Dispenza has extensive scientific work on healing the body and boosting the immune system naturally)

2. Wim Hoff (he has amazing accomplishments and is highly credible to learn advanced breathing techniques to gain control of your body)


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