Where to start with CBD?

If you are a newbie to CBD, don't be worried, we want to help. No matter the symptoms, we always recommend consulting your doctor. Always start with the lowest serving size of CBD, the 300mg CBD tincture would be a great starting point. To use a tincture, put a full pipette (drop) under you tongue and let it sit for 2-3 minutes. If you go to any of our products, you will see a picture of a pipette letting you know the exact amount of CBD per pipette. You shouldn't feel any of the effects for 20-30 minutes with the tincture. Once you try this, judge whether it feels like it is too much or too little.

If you want to start with a CBD vaporizer, try taking a couple of hits of the vaporizer and analyze how you feel. The vaporizers offer a more instant relief because they absorb into your bloodstream faster. The most important part is to start at a low serving size of CBD and work your way up.

Want to know more about CBD? Try reading through our guide.