RECOVERY 400mg CBD Topical (Goat Milk & Honey)

Product image 1RECOVERY 400mg CBD Topical (Goat Milk & Honey)
Product image 2RECOVERY 400mg CBD Topical (Goat Milk & Honey)

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Superior Quality CBD Topical, not your average hard to apply bees wax formula made using a Goat Milk & Honey base cream. Created to naturally help manage and assist with pain, aches, recovery and dry skin. Made with more than just Full Spectrum CBD, each ingredient is added to serve a specific role in creating the highest quality topical using a number of ingredients such as MSM Powder, Fankincense, Arnica oil, Australian Tea Tree oil, Peppermint, Menthol, Terpenes, and Goat Milk & Honey Base. The combination of ingredients creates a powerful product and a cool, mildly tingly sensation when applied. 


How does our Recovery CBD Topical Cream work? 

While CBD when ingested tends to work great for most peoples pain and aches, our Recovery Topical takes this to a new level by focusing on specific external locations of the body that are sore. By applying CBD to the area aching you are able to receive sore muscle, dry skin, aching, and pain relieving benefits almost immediately. The sensation of our cream can be described as a combination of mild numbing and cooling within the first few seconds of application and then the Full Spectrum CBD, Essential Oils, and Terpenes will start to absorb and go to work within a few minutes of application. A little bit goes a long way and should last for 2-8 hours depending on desired effects. The combination of ingredients should leave your skin soft and rejuvenated. 


Can I use the Recovery CBD Topical Cream with other products?

Yes, using any of our tincture may enhance the pain managing, sore muscle, and anti-inflammatory benefits of our Recovery Topical Cream. We recommend using with our RECOVERY 1500mg Terpene Enhanced Tincture for the best results. These two recovery products can be purchased in a bundle to save 20% off by clicking here. 

How to use our Recovery CBD Topical Cream?

Using our topical cream is simple, wash hands and to prevent any bacteria from hands from getting in jar (we do not use any chemical preservatives/Parabens Free) then scoop a small amount out of jar and apply directly to the area needed (not recommended to apply near eyes or open sores to prevent irritation) then gently rub cream on area for a few seconds until absorbed, then soak in the benefits and enjoy!

What makes our Recovery CBD Topical Cream different from other topicals on the market? 

By comparing our CBD topical cream to other products on the market you will quickly notice ours is in its own class of CBD topical, this is because most companies products are made 'Generic' from a large manufacturer producing a large portion of the CBD products on the market using the same formula but changing the label based on the company! Our topical was designed and formulated in house. We went through a long process of trial and error testing different formulations of the best ingredients to apply for aches and pains in the right amounts. After receiving months of feedback we finally created what we feel is the best CBD topical cream on the market today. We proudly make our Recovery Topical Creams in small batches and make sure they are filled with a few extra mg's of love before sending them out :) If you have tried other topicals, you will notice that ours is an easy to use consistency 'cream consistency' rather than the traditional wax based topicals that are hard to apply but many companies choose to use because of the cheaper/easier manufacturing processes when compared to a cream. 



A Performance based product with 100% Money Back Guarantee.

Great for sore muscles and aches/pains*

400mg+ CBD/unit

Made without the use of Chemical Preservatives or Parabens (Parabens Free)

Not tested on animals

Made using plant based ingredients 

All ingredients sourced from US suppliers/manufacturers 



Apply on skin only, do not apply on open sores, or close to eyes, may cause irritation. If skin becomes irritated wash off with wet towel. For external use only.*

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